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Advanced Lash Enhancing Booster by Rejuran

Advanced Lash Enhancing Booster by Rejuran

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REvitalize with our Lash Boosting Complex for naturally lush-looking lashes.

Key Benefits

  • Visible improvement in lash fullness, length, and texture
  • Promotes nourished and conditioned lashes
  • Improves the appearance of eyelash growth
  • Reduces appearance of breakage & promotes stronger-looking lashes

Marine-based growth factor c-PDRN®, combined with peptides and natural extracts, helps nourish and REcondition to promote healthier, stronger, thicker, fuller-looking lashes. Our breakthrough Lash Boosting Complex formula is effective in improving the appearance of hair regrowth by nourishing and strengthening lashes from root to tip. The result is a visible improvement in fullness, length, and texture.

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