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Serum 10 30ml by SkinCeuticals

Serum 10 30ml by SkinCeuticals

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An ideal introductory, daily-use antioxidant for all skin types (including sensitive), Serum 10 contains a synergistic blend of 10% pure vitamin C and 0.2% ferulic acid to neutralize free radicals caused by environmental aggressors and help prevent damage that leads to premature signs of aging. In addition to antioxidant benefits, it also improves the appearance of existing visible signs of aging.

* Provides advanced antioxidant protection to help prevent premature signs of aging caused by free radicals
* Improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
* Formulated at a precise pH and concentration for optimal absorption
* Once absorbed, this serum’s benefits remain effective for up to 72 hours
* Paraben-, alcohol-, dye-, fragrance-, gluten-, and silicone-free


Key Ingredients

L-ASCORBIC ACID (vitamin C): Provides superior antioxidant protection against free radicals, supports the skin’s natural protein production, and improves the appearance of visible signs of aging and sun damage
FERULIC ACID: Plant-based antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals and enhances the benefits of vitamin C by increasing stability.
HYALURONIC ACID (Sodium Hyaluronate*): Capable of retaining 1,000 times its weight in water, replenishing hydration and instantly smoothes skin.

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